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Heavenly place of Russian nature near by noisy and brighten Moscow. There is 12.8 hectares of century-old mixed forest with broad-leaved and conifer trees and amazing lake with crystal clear spring water. The area is fully enclosed and protected.

The main building have 6000 square metres and second building 2 200 square metres.

An exclusive atmosphere of untouched nature. This land becomes a home for many kind of animals and birds. Hedgehogs and hares lives close to peoples and even thousands snails (the qualitative characteristics of the nature cleanness) living in rich herbage.

Above complex during many years used as a camp for holidays of children and teenagers. The atmosphere in this quiet place became impregnated with children’s undisturbed and gladness and shares it with everyone who coming here.



One of the most special regions in Russia is the famous 'Golden Ring' of cities to the North East of Moscow. This is the ancient heart of Russia, and the old whitewashed walled cities, filled with venerable onion-domed churches, fulfill everyone's image of medieval Rus.

Since medieval times, the main currents of history have passed them by, and it as if a sleep has fallen on some of the old cities and villages here. Many beautiful, quiet old towns lie within the ring, such as Vladimir, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy and Sergiev Posad, but there are scores of wonderful old villages, too, off the beaten track.

More than million tourists visit the Golden Ring every year.